24-Hour Coastal Tug Call-out Service

24-Hour Coastal Tug Call-out Service

Operating a quality marine service off the Northland coast and approaches to the Bay of Islands, the Albatross V is a fully offshore capable Tugboat with a surveyed 8 Tonne bollard pull available for 24-hour call-out as a coastal tug, freighter and passenger vessel.

Fully manned by an experienced local operator, the vessel lends itself to such uses as:

  • Salvage
  • Towage
  • Lifting
  • Remote location support vessel
  • Delivery of stores
  • Delivery of spare parts and mechanical items to ships
  • Transfer of fishing vessel supplies such as fish cartons and packaging material
  • Transfer of injured staff or crew
  • Delivery of shipping agents to vessels
  • Film crew platform and location services
  • Emergency towing
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Please call the team on 027 459 1796 for urgent enquiries.